Take Action: Students

Scales of Impact - You/Campus

Take action on campus by reducing your campus footprint, engaging with your campus community and/or using the campus as a lab. Help us reach our campus-wide sustainability objectives by taking action on campus.

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    Greenhouse Gas
  • Faucet with dripping water
    Water Usage
  • Clouds and lightening
    Stormwater Management
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    Design and Develop
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    Healthy Habitats
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    Alternative Commuting
  • Recycling symbol
    Purchasing and Waste

Campus Footprint

Make sustainable choices on campus through simple everyday actions.

  • Recycle properly on campus

    Recycle acceptable, clean materials by following the Recycling Guidelines and/or downloading the “Recycling on Campus” mobile app

  • Purchase sustainably

    Consider the following tips and resources when making purchases

  • Extend the life of your clothing

    Follow Mend on Instagram to see some of their favorite tips and tricks on how to repair your clothes and make them last longer!

  • Use a reusable water bottle

    Fill up your reusable bottle at one of 250+ filtered-water Drink Local stations on campus

  • Reduce your everyday waste

    • Donate, sell or purchase reusable clothing, furniture, household items, and more
    • Use a reusable bottle and mug
    • Carry a reusable utensil kit
  • Plan a sustainable event


    Follow the Sustainable Event Guidelines when planning an event or purchasing food for a meeting

  • Reduce your everyday energy use

    • Turn off your lights when not in use
    • Use the cold-water setting on the washing machine
    • Air dry your laundry
    • Plug electronics that draw standby energy into a power strip, and switch it off when they are not in use
  • Reduce your everyday water use


    • Do full loads of laundry
    • Take shorter showers
    • Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, etc.
    • If you encounter a leaky sink or a restroom without a low-flow fixture--or a malfunctioning one--contact Customer Service at 609-258-8000

Get Involved

Engage with fellow campus community members to advance sustainability at Princeton.

Campus as Lab

Use the campus as a living laboratory for sustainability research and applied learning.