Green Your Office

10 Ways to Green Your Office

  1. Turn off your office lights, printers, computer monitors and other electronics when out of the office. Use a power strip to turn off multiple electronics.
  2. If you see a room that is being heated/cooled and no one is using the space, call 609-258-5890 or email [email protected] to let Facilities know. They can remotely turn off the heating/cooling to specific rooms in many buildings to save energy. Be sure to cancel a room if you no longer need it!
  3. Follow the University‚Äôs heating and cooling guidelines and live within the "Tiger Zone" - heat to 68 F/20 C in the winter and cool to 78 F/26 C in the summer (if air conditioning is available).
  4. See a drippy faucet, call Facilities Service Center, 609-258-8000. A faucet that drips 60 drips per minute wastes 5 gallons of water a day. That's 2,082 gallons per year. 
  5. Take advantage of Princeton's transportation incentives for bike/walk, carpool, van pool, or mass transit through the Revise Your Ride program.
  6. Follow the University's Recycling Guidelines for recycling and Zero Waste Guide for ways to reduce waste in your office.
  7. Read our Sustainable Event Guidelines for tips on greening your event including: purchasing sustainable food and beverages, avoiding single-use disposable food service items, preventing food waste and reflecting sustainability in event communications and materials.
  8. Avoid single-use plastic at events and meetings by providing filtered water in pitchers and consider infusing it with slices of organic fruit ("spa water") and/or use signage to direct people to the nearest filtered water fountain.
  9. Before purchasing new office furniture or equipment, consider used items from Resource Recovery, free for all University Departments.
  10. Order environmentally preferable office products in Prime's Marketplace. Look for "Green Items" and "Recycled" in the search bar/product description.
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