Green Your Move Out

Move Out Tent

Every spring, the EcoReps Move Out team partners with local charities and organizations to donate any used or unwanted items from campus dorms. As you move out, please bring unwanted items to a donation stations, located across campus. You can make a huge difference in decreasing the amount of abandoned items sent to the landfill AND in the lives of those that will benefit from your gently-used items. Donated dorm items will be recycled through the EcoReps Move In Resale, Goodwill, Gradbag, and Arm In Arm.

Make a difference!

Undergraduate and Senior Move Out Tent Map 2024

Donation Tent Locations

  • Pyne/1901 (5th reunion tent)
  • Foulke-Henry (10th reunion tent)*
  • Butler courtyard (15th reunion tent)*
  • Little/Edwards (20th reunion tent)
  • Whitman Upper Courtyard (25th reunion tent)*
  • Yeh/NCW (40th reunion tent)
  • Rocky/Mathey: Blair-Joline Courtyard (50th reunion tent)
  • Forbes front lawn under tent (65th reunion tent)
  • Brown (APGA tent)* 

* These tents will be used for Senior Move Out

Acceptable Donations

  • clothing (all)
  • linens (sheets, comforters, towels)
  • furniture (couches, chairs, tables, lamps)
  • electronics (TVs, computer monitors, chargers, etc.)
  • electrical appliances (mini fridges, microwaves, fans)
  • dorm essentials (desk lamps, rugs, shoe racks, shelves, hangers, mattress toppers, shower caddies)
  • new or barely used school supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, unused notebook paper)
  • unopened toiletries (mouthwash, toothpaste, toothbrushes still in packaging)
  • unopened food
  • books
  • bikes

Non-acceptable items

  • broken appliances
  • excessively worn or damaged furniture
  • opened or expired food items
  • fridges with perishables still inside
  • boxes cluttered with trash
  • opened toiletries