Take Action: Faculty & Staff

Scales of Impact - You/Campus

Take action on campus by reducing your campus footprint, engaging with your campus community and/or using the campus as a lab. Help us reach our campus-wide sustainability objectives by taking action on campus.

  • Green House Gas Icon
    Greenhouse Gas
  • Faucet with dripping water
    Water Usage
  • Clouds and lightening
    Stormwater Management
  • Drafting Pencil
    Design and Develop
  • Landscape Scene
    Healthy Habitats
  • Person on a bicycle
    Alternative Commuting
  • Recycling symbol
    Purchasing and Waste

Campus Footprint

Make sustainable choices on campus through simple everyday actions.

Get Involved

Engage with fellow campus community members to advance sustainability at Princeton.

Campus as Lab

Use the campus as a living laboratory for sustainability research and applied learning.