Drink Locally

Why Drink Local?

  • Bottled water from hundreds--or even thousands--of miles away is expensive and perpetuates our reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Using a refillable bottle saves both money and natural resources!
  • Tap water is sourced from the local watershed and often meets or exceeds FDA bottled water standards.

What are bottle-filling stations?

With more than 250 filtered water bottle-filling stations on the Princeton campus, students, staff and visitors have easy access to free filtered water for their reusable water bottles and mugs. "Drink Local" water bottles can be purchased at the U-Store on University Place.

  • Retrofitted water stations with tall spouts. 
  • Water bottle-filling stations provide you with great-tasting, filtered water from local sources.
  • Carbon-based filters are changed out every six months.

Where can you find a bottle-filling station?

  • Residence hall common kitchens, hallways and laundry rooms
  • Academic and Administrative buildings
  • Athletic buildings

Station locations: Find the Drink Local bottle-filling station closest to you! To request an assessment of whether a bottle-filing station can be feasibly installed, please submit a work order through Facilities.

Residential Colleges

Campus Buildings

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