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Here's your guide to reducing your campus footprint. Every one of us can take actions, small and consistent, to lower our campus footprint. Individual actions may seem small, but together our collective actions day after day can make a big difference. 

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Apply for Sustainability-related Funding

Apply for funding for research or initiatives that cultivate a sustainability ethos on campus.

Drink Locally

Locate your closest filtered water bottle-filling station on campus.

Follow Our Recycling Guidelines

Help us make campus recycling a success by recycling properly and avoiding contamination.

Follow Our Zero Waste Guide

Reduce your everyday waste on campus.

Green Your Event

How to green your event, including using eco-friendly or reusable tableware, recycling and composting, and reducing waste.

Purchase Sustainably

What we buy and how we dispose of it has profound implications for people and ecosystems locally and globally.

Subscribe to the Sustainability Newsletter

Sign up and receive the Office of Sustainability’s monthly email newsletter.

Take a Virtual Campus Green Tour

Tour campus to learn about the University’s progress toward reaching its sustainability goals.

What can you do to save the earth?

More ways to reduce your carbon footprint through individual actions.  

Student Actions

Green Your Dorm

Twelve ideas to make your campus life and living space more sustainable, from buying second-hand to recycling correctly.

Green Your Move Out

Donate your gently used dorm furniture, appliances, clothing, and more at the end of the Spring semester. You can make a huge different in decreasing the amount of abandoned items sent to the landfill AND in the lives of those that will benefit from your gently-used items. 

Join a Student Sustainability Group

Get involved with a student sustainability group and/or apply to work with us.

Mend Your Clothes

Mend’s mission is to encourage sustainable attitudes and reduce waste surrounding clothing and fashion by teaching Princeton University community members how to repair, reuse and upcycle clothing.

Faculty/Staff Actions

Become a Sustainability Staff Ambassador

Become a Sustainability Staff Ambassador for your office or department.

Green Your Office

Tips to make your office and work life more sustainable.

Revise Your Ride

Revise Your Ride is a program informed by behavioral science to increase commuters using alternative modes of transportation and to decrease single-occupancy vehicles. See what options are available for your commute.