Sustainability Action Plan

circles to represent scales of action from campus to world

In April 2019, Princeton published the University's Sustainability Action Plan. These pages contain the University's progress to date and reflects the most current information.
Last Updated: February 2022

Action Area Metrics

  •  2008 Baseline
  • 2021 Performance
  • Future Targets
  • Previous Targets

Reduce Campus Greenhouse Gas Emissions to Net Zero

Campus emissions (metric tons CO2 x 1000)

2021 GHG Graph
    Faucet with dripping water

    Reduce Water Usage

    Campus water usage (gallons x 1,000,000)

    water usage graph
    Clouds and lightening

    Increase Area Under Enhanced Stormwater Management

    Enhanced stormwater management area (acres)

    stormwater graph
    Landscape Scene

    Cultivate Healthy and Resilient Habitats

    Area tracked for improved habitat connectivity and quality (acres)

    habitat graph
    Recycling symbol

    Reduce Waste and Expand Sustainable Purchasing

    Campus Landfill Waste (tons)

    Reduce waste graph

    Recycling and Reuse (%)

    recycling and reuse

    The Sustainability Action Plan was released on Earth Day, April 2019. Read the Plan

    *Targets reflect CO2 equivalence (CO2e).
    **2020 status refers to stormwater management areas that can absorb 90th percentile rainfall events.
    ***2026 and 2046 targets include the newly proposed Lake Campus that may include management of 95th percentile rain events.
    Baseline established via GIS analysis.
    Includes soil reused in the past year or stored for later reuse on campus
    § Consumer items consist of recyclable paper, cardboard, glass, metal and plastic.
     Targets to be confirmed following campus waste study.