High Meadows Foundation Fund Recipients

This is the complete list of High Meadows Foundation Fund recipients from 2008 to present. For more information about the High Meadows Foundation or to apply for a High Meadows grant please visit the High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund page.

 Project Lead(s)

Proposal Title

Funding Year(s)

Kiley Coates '20 Compost Chemistry: Utilizing Food Waste as a Soil Amendment  2019
Connor Matthews '20 Waste to Work Powering Cold Storage Systems Using Biomass and Solar Power 2019
Nicholas Callegari '20 Princeton X Hendo Senior Project 2019
Dorit Aviv GS Humidity harvesting for evaporative cooling on Princeton Campus 2019
Urvashi Uberoy '20 and Khyati Agrawal '20 Press to Dress 2019
Xiili Bassett GS Fungal Bioreactors 2019
Sandra Moskovitz  McGraw Center Sustainable Events Project 2019
Grey Wartinger Structural Felt 2019
Alex Ju '20 Formula Princeton Racing Electric 2019
Claire Wayner '22 GreenAllies Conference 2019 2019
Rawlison Zhang '20 Princeton Smart Glass 2019
Rebecca Blevins '19 Reducing Beef Consumption on Campus: Using Local Values to Change Environmentally-Related Behaviors  2018
Annabel Barry '19 The Odyssey:  The Musical 2018
Olivia Foster '20 Optical Fiber Lighting System for Vertical Farming 2018
Robert Buline '19 reOcean 2018
Joe Kawalec '21 Princeton Feederwatch Project  2018
Alyssa Lau '21 New Jersey Climate Policy Stakeholder 2018
Edward Borer 21-Day Plant Based Experience 2018
Karl Kusserow The Ecocritical Exhibition 2018
Korlekuor Akiti '19 Plant Forward or Plant Upward? Taste and Nutrition of Crops Grown on Organic and Vertical Farms Compared 2018
Jorge Reyes '19 TerraBite: A Robot for Farming 2018
Kyle Oskvig GS Lakeside Raised Beds 2018
Christopher Shin '18 Princeton Environmental Ideathon 2018
Bernadette Pernick Food and Agriculture Guest Lecture Series 2018
Georgina Baronian GS Constructing Climate- Prototype for an Evaporative Cooling Roof Application 2017
Nico Viglucci '19 Mend 2017
Quinn Parker '19 Greening the Street Mugs 2017
Amber Lin '19 Princeton EcoTracker 2017
Noah Mihan '19 American Prairie Reserve Trip 2017
Marc Decitre '18

Professor Gar Alperovitz Visit

Erin Redding '19

Renewable Energy Markets Fellowship

Noah Mihan '19

Marine Mammal Activism and Awareness

Artemis Eyster '19

Analyzing Ecological Integrity: An Assessment of
Princeton’s Natural Areas

Rozalie Czesana '18 and Noah Mihan '19 Earth Optimism Summit  2017
Christine Blumauer GS Lakeside Composting Pilot 2017
Shun Yamaya '19 Greening Truckfest 2017

Jaehwan Kim '18

Study break - Action on Carbon Tax 2017
Adam Maloof Water and sediment depth record changes in land use, erosional run-off 2017
Nico Viglucci '19

School Bus Tiny House - Design and Construction of an Integrated,
Sustainable Living Space

Vivian Chang GS Day of Action 2017
Seth Lovelace '20 Analysis of Soil Macronutrient and Micronutrient Composition & Enrichment 2017
Amber Lin '19 MIT Energy Conference 2017
Dr. Paul Gauthier Princeton Vertical Farming Project 2017
Alan Braddock Barnes Foundation Field Trip for Spring Course "EcoCritical Exhibition" 2017
Olivia Trase '17 Senior Thesis: Plant Communication in Agriculture 2016
Mike Brew Solar Panels for 2 Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs) 2016
Ben Sorkin '17 and Kirk Robinson '17 Design of a Long-Range Electric Marine Propulsion System 2016
Smitha Haneef Tiger Chef Challenge 2016
Selina Pi '19 2016 Real Food Challenge Regional Action Training 2016
Jamie Simpson '16 Class of 2016 Sustainable Cap and Gown Initiative 2015-2016
Smitha Haneef Urban Cultivator Indoor Vertical Grower 2015-2016
Lisa Nicolaison Spring 2016 Campus Farmers' Market 2016
Lily Secora Sustainable Regalia for Graduate Student Hooding and Commencement 2016 2016
Dr. Shana Weber Design overhaul of the Tiger Energy App 2016-2017
Dr. Forrest Meggers ARC 311 Course Project: Solar Picnic Table (for charging electronics) 2016
Dr. Sander van der Linden Social and Environmental Decision-Making (SED) Lab 2015-2016
Dr. Shana Weber Yellowstone Sustainability Software Development Internship 2015
Rozalie Czesana '18 Pilot: Science, Society, and Dinner 2015
Leigh Anne Schriever '16 "What Will Princeton Look Like With Climate Change" Art Submission Contest 2014
Smitha Haneef

A Conversation on Sustainability and Community Conservation with Barton Seaver

Kevin Griffin '17 Biodigester Project 2014
Jeremy Zullow '17 People's Climate March 2014
Isaac Lederman '15 Do it in the Dark Energy Competition 2014
Isaac Lederman '15, Jeremy Zullow '17, Gina Talt '15 Earth Day Picnic 2014
Injinash Unshin '15 and Elise Backman '15 Verte Magazine 2013, 2014
Meg Partridge '14  Sustainable Fashion Week and Spring Fashion Show 2014
Misha Semenov '15, Olivia Howard '15, Lena Sun '16 Earth Day 2013
Eileen Zerba Course Development: Food, Agriculture and the Environment 2013
Karen Malatesta, Wole Soboyejo Faculty Research: Bioremediation of Plastic Waste 2012
Sarah Bluher '13  Bee Team Yard/Outdoor Action Expansion 2012

Amanda Rees '12

Senior Thesis: Producing and Characterizing Bioethanol from Cellulosic Biomass 2012
Kristi Wiedemann  Student Garden Project Summer Coordinator Support 2012
Jessica Popkin, Jenny Price Sustainability Games at the Princeton University Art Museum 2012
Michelle Liu '13 Student Informal Course: Sustainable Engineering and Development Scholars (SEADS) 2011
Hank Song '11, Nicole Businelli '13 Student Conference: Collective Motion - Mainstreaming Sustainability in Development 2011
William Evans Demonstrating Power: Development of Interactive Bike Generator Exhibit 2011
Rena Chen '11 Event Series 2011
Don Weston Purchasing Department Vendor Life Cycle Assessment Tool Development, Phase 2 2011
Shana Weber Drink Local Initiative: Reducing Bottled Water Consumption and Changing Culture 2011
Shana Weber, Art Murphy Building Energy Performance Kiosk for Butler College 2011
Shana Weber Student Environmental Communication Network (SECN) Summer 2011 Intensive Training Internship 2011
Shana Weber Sustainability Open House 2010 2011
Shana Weber Sustainability Progress Publication 2010 and 2011 2011
Stephanie Teeple '14 Collective Motion Conference: Mainstreaming Sustainability in Development  
Julia Yang '10   Senior Thesis Project: Pull the Plug - Social Norms as an Inducement of Sustainability Behavior 2010
Richard Curtis Outdoor Action Frosh Trip Sustainability Initiative 2010
Shana Weber Office of Sustainability post-grad 1-year Sustainability Fellowship 2010
Joseph Vellone '10 Slow Food Princeton Speaker Series 2010
Jeffrey Domanski U-Bikes Campus Bike Rental Program 2010
Shana Weber Sustainability Ambassador Program Internship 2010
Eileen Zerba, Gregory Paczkowski Effects of Sustainable Practices on Indoor Air Quality and Water Quality, Human Health and Building Energy Use of a Princeton Aquatic Complex 2010
Sigrid Adriaenssens An Environmental and Economic Model for Assessing Structural Systems 2010
Eileen Zerba Environmental challenges and sustainable solutions for protecting water resources: tracking the impact of land use and sustainable practices on a regional watershed 2009
Peter Jaffee Mitigation of Nitrogen Runoff from the Princeton University Campus 2009
Denise Mauzerall Climate change and air pollution: regional and global analysis of benefits and tradeoffs of emission reduction options 2009
Xenia Morin Sustainable Agriculture and Food Course Development 2009
Elie Bou-Zeid A Sensor Network Over Princeton University 2009
Lydia Kallipoliti MA '09 and PhD '13, Alicia Imperiale MA '09 EcoRedux: Design Remedies for a Dying Planet; Educational Web Resources 2009
Paul Lewis Princeton's Exterior Pathways: Lighting Analysis and Sustainable Prototypes 2009
Serge Goldstein, Steven Sather Toward Print-Less and Paper-Less Courses: Pilot Amazon Kindle Program 2009
Shana Weber Communicating Sustainability 2009: The Student Environmental Communication Network 2009
Richard Curtis Expansion of the Outdoor Action Sustainability Initiative 2009
Ruthie Schwab '09, Elena Dillard '11 Implementation of sustainable food systems programs at the 79 Alexander Street demonstration garden plot 2009
Ruthie Schwab '09, Stephanie Hill '10, Emma Hare '10 Promotional and operational materials for the Greening Princeton Farmers' Market 2009
Nathalie Pinkerton PhD '13, Joseph Roy-Mayhew PhD '13 1-Day Sustainability Conference Featuring Princeton Research 2009
Shana Weber Intern Program 2009
Teresa Riordan Engineering Sustainability Video Storytelling Program 2009
Daniel Growald '11 PowerShift 2009 Delegation to Washington, D.C. 2009
Alyce Tzue '10 Design for Social Causes Conference 2009 2009
Shana Weber Communicating Sustainability 2008: The Student Environmental Communication Network 2008
Shana Weber Ecology Representative Program 2008
Richard Curtis Outdoor Action Sustainability Initiative 2008
Stephanie Hill '10 Design and implementation of the organic demonstration garden to a larger lot near Forbes College 2008
Katharyn Anderson '08 Promotional and operational materials for the Greening Princeton Farmers' Market, the first truly student-run local farmers market in the country 2008
Jeffrey Domanski Support for a student-run program (UBikes) operating out of Forbes College 2008
Shana Weber CFL Bulb Exchange Program 2008
Kim Jackson, Andrea DeRose Assessment of sustainable campus transportation opportunities 2008
Don Weston Sustainable Purchasing Initiative 2008
Shana Weber Office of Sustainability Internship Program 2008
Guy Nordenson, Jim Smith Urban and ecological adaptation design and hydrological modeling project 2008
Catherine Peters, Michael Littman, Sharad Malik Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) courses for the 2008-2009 academic year 2008
Eileen Zerba Environmental Challenges and Sustainable Solutions project 2008