High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund Application Form


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  • All applicants are required to download and use this budget template when submitting a project budget. 
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  • If you have any questions or feedback about the application form, please contact Sustain.

Additional Information & Resources

Expectations if funds are awarded:

  • Any changes to the scope of the project if funds are awarded must be approved by the Office of Sustainability
  • Upon completion of your project, the applicant listed on this application will be expected to complete the Assessment Report form within 30 days of the project's completion.

For additional information about the High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund, visit the fund website or contact Sustain.

Applicant Name
  • Campus and Community as Lab projects: Modest support is available for faculty research projects and enhancement of courses, and student research projects culminating in a junior paper, senior thesis, graduate thesis, or published work. All disciplinary approaches are welcome, especially those that combine the natural and applied sciences and humanities in creative ways.
  • Direct Action projects: One-time seed support is available for students, faculty and staff to pilot and assess new program components, communications, technologies,  products and materials, among other initiatives. Modest support is also available for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and conference participation for students.
Action Area (check at least one)
Accounting for campus growth, achieve carbon neutrality by 2046 — Princeton’s 300th anniversary — through the use of repeatable, scalable and innovative solutions.
Reduce water consumption both campus-wide and per person.
Expand the area on campus that meets high standards for improved surface water quality and reduced runoff, and monitor outcomes so that best practices can be shared.
Implement an integrative design process in new construction and renovations to meet University sustainability performance targets while making more efficient use of land and optimizing use of built space.
Apply a restorative ecosystem approach in landscape management to regenerate healthy habitats across campus and invite engagement with nature.
Nearly double the percentage of alternative commuters by mid-century and expand the use of campus as an incubator for lifelong sustainable transportation habits.
Strive for zero waste through behavioral and operational strategies that include reduction, reuse and recycling criteria in purchasing decisions, and expand these criteria to encourage social and environmental benefits in the full life cycle of purchased goods and services.
(due 30 days after Project End Date)
Appointed Budget Manager (for student groups only)
Please prepare a separate document that includes:
  • a complete description of the project, specifying how it will address one or more sustainability action areas;
  • expected outcomes;
  • how impact will be assessed;
  • project partners;
  • how results will be shared with the campus community and beyond.
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