Nature Walks with Henry Horn

Henry Horn, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, emeritus, a scholar and fervent naturalist for whom Princeton’s campus and the surrounding areas provided a rich biosphere for study, died suddenly March 14 at Princeton. He was 77. Read his obituary on the Princeton University homepage and view or share comments on a blog intended to honor Horn's life and legacy.

This video series shares Henry’s unique knowledge of Princeton’s natural history, as well as gives viewers the information they need to go out and experience campus ecology themselves.

Final Video:

How to Get Started as a Naturalist

Professor Henry Horn, who studied ecology at Princeton University for 53 years, passed away in March 2019 at age 77. In this final installment of “Nature Walks with Henry Horn,” Henry shares his thoughts on how an absolute beginner can begin to study and enjoy the wonders of the natural world.

Past Videos:

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Henry Horn

About Henry Horn

Henry Horn, emeritus professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, explored the wildest corners of Princeton’s campus for over 53 years. During this time, field notebook in hand, he was a keen observer of the flora, fauna and fungus he encountered. For a full biography, visit the department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology's website.

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