transportation montage

Princeton's Campus Plan offers alternative modes of transportation to explore the campus landscape.

Many employees come to the University as the sole occupant of a passenger vehicle, challenging our ability to improve traffic congestion and the quality of local air, water, and soil resources. The University has responded with a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program to promote ridesharing and the use of public transportation. Since 2008, the TDM program has significantly reduced the number of cars on campus, even while the campus has grown.


Increase efficiency and reduce emissions associated with transportation, including reducing commuter car numbers by 750 (15 percent) between 2008 and 2020.


  • bike share station

    The University launched the Zagster bike-share program in November 2014. This year there were 22,545 total trips with 1,489 active members. The program has 111 bikes across 14 bike share locations, plus one at the Forrestal Campus and Princeton Shopping Center.

  • train

    The Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Program provides a 50 percent subsidy toward monthly transit passes for commuters. Last year, over 400 campus community members took advantage of this opportunity. Learn more about the subsidy on the Transportation and Parking Services website.

  • students fixing bikes

    A volunteer staff of Princeton students maintains a do-it-yourself bicycle repair shop at Rockefeller College, the Cyclab, which is open to all campus and local community members.

  • About 806 campus community members participate in the campus Enterprise CarShare program. There are 17 cars in the program. To register, visit the Transportation Demand Management website.

  • STARS Silver Award

    The AASHE Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System (STARS) allows metric-driven progress assessment across operations and academics for North American higher education and has recognized Princeton at the Silver leadership level

  • students biking

    Princeton has developed an extensive system of bike and pedestrian-friendly pathways on campus as part of its current Campus Plan and bicycle master planning activities, to promote healthy alternatives to automobiles. Through the new Revise Your Ride program, Faculty and staff who commute to work by biking or walking will receive a $400 annual incentive. 

  • campus bus

    The University runs TigerTransit, a free-ride campus shuttle system of fourteen buses. The fuel used in the shuttles is 20% biodiesel. Use TigerTracker to map the real-time location of every Princeton shuttle in service. 

  • vanpool

    There are 725 fewer commuter cars on campus today compared with 2008 - a 15 percent reduction - since 2008 as a result of offering enhanced incentives to participate in one of the five TDM programs; while the employee population has increased.

What’s Next

  • Further develop TDM incentive programs, including enhancements to parking, car and vanpool programs.

  • Evaluate infrastructure improvements to incentivize use of alternative fuel vehicles for commuters and alternative fuel options for the campus fleet.

  • Continue to promote use of carshare and Zagster bike-share and provide bike commuters with a discount and gym membership.

  • Increase the carshare fleet on campus beyond 13 cars, and add electric options.