Live Data

Campus Energy Data

Tiger Energy shows live campus energy generation and energy consumption data. Data includes the campus solar array and central plant gas turbines, steam turbines, chilled water and steam.


Data from the Butler green roof reaches from 2013 to the present and is available for download.

The Hydrometeorology Research Group  focuses on measurement, analysis and modeling of atmospheric and land surface processes tied to the hydrologic cycle. The Hydrometeorology Lab maintains five stations around Princeton University campus. Data collected is used in on-going research of the Butler Green Roofs and Washington Stream Restoration.

Other Data Available by Request

The Campus as Lab program supports access to several non-public data sets for Princeton students and faculty pursuing research or course projects. Data available through various request processes include:

carrots at an event You can request purchased food data

  • Purchased food data
  • Spatial information about campus buildings
  • Natural habitat information
  • Waste data

You can get a sense of what types of data are available by viewing published aggregate data sets in the Campus Systems Guide.

To request access to other related data, contact Campus as Lab Manager, Caroline Savage