Princeton Wildlife Monitoring Project

Astrophysics Professor Gaspar Bakos monitors and observes wildlife in the area surrounding Princeton.

Researcher: Gaspar Bakos

Background: In an attempt to teach his sons about the research process and intrigue them in the world around them, Astrophysics Professor Gaspar Bakos slowly developed an entire research project in which he monitors and observes the wildlife in the area surrounding Princeton. Using motion sensor cameras, Bakos is able to encounter wildlife without interfering with their environment in any significant way. The data that Bakos has collected can be used by wildlife biologists and other researchers to promote conservation and preservation surrounding land use and expansion of the Princeton campus. The Campus as Lab initiative promotes research projects like Bakos’ in order to help advance sustainability on campus, in our broader community, and around the world. Bakos has also performed research on light pollution in the Princeton area, to be used to improve campus lighting techniques, under the Campus as Lab initiative.

Watch: Astrophysics Professor Gaspar Bakos explains the inspiration behind his most recent research project regarding wildlife monitoring near the Princeton campus.

Wild Cam

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