Princeton Vertical Farming Project

Researchers: Paul Gauthier, Rozalie Czesana '18, Kyra Gregory '19, Natalie Grayson '20, Jesenia Haynes '18, Seth Lovelace '20, Matthew Ramirez '20, Aamir Zainulabadeen '18

Departments: Geosciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Biology, Engineering, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

Project Summary: The PVFP used a hydroponic and artificial lighting growing system to investigate the viability of feeding a rapidly growing world population with space-saving methods. The project investigated the engineering of the hydroponic system through a lens of sustainability and energy efficiency.  It also focused on a marketing approach of vertical farming, looking specifically at maximizing the financial benefit of the program and making the harvests marketable to a larger community.

Senior Thesis