Woodrow Wilson School Provides Reusable Sporks to Graduate Students

Posted on December 5, 2017

By Somi Jun '20

At the beginning of the school year, the Woodrow Wilson School distributed about 200 reusable sporks to its graduate students. Christine Philippe-Blumauer, a second-year graduate student and a sustainability representative, spearheaded this initiative to mitigate waste during WWS events. Philippe-Blumauer worked with the Office of Sustainability to coordinate the effort.

sporks Sporks provided to the Woodrow Wilson School graduate students

“We’re at a time on campus where there is a great effort that is being led by the Office of Sustainability in a more holistic way,” Philippe-Blumauer said. “If I were to do something in my department, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t an isolated thing.”

Every week, the WWS holds Lunch-Timer talks, where students and speakers interact over a meal. According to Philippe-Blumauer, the WWS hosts Lunch-Timers almost everyday, generating food and plastic waste, which she hopes the sporks will help address.

Philippe-Blumauer estimates that about 10 to 15% of graduate students use the sporks during these lunchtime events. However, she has noticed that many other students have begun to bring their own reusable cutlery.

“There is something to continue to explore there,” Philippe-Blumauer said.

Topics: waste reduction