Trash Art Contest at Community & Staff Day Draws 27 Entries

student with trash robot
Posted on November 12, 2013

The second annual Trash Artstravaganza contest was among the main features of last month’s Community & Staff Day held in Jadwin Gym. Participants who entered the contest, which challenged community members, students and staff to create art with repurposed materials, had nine categories to choose from: 2- and 3-D art, creative writing or poetry, video or animation, songs, fashion design, and more. Waly M. Ndiaye, a fifth-grader from Woodbridge, N.J., won “Best in Show” for his sculpture “Hooray, the Recycling Robot.” As a prize, the University will donate $1,000 to the non-profit organization of Waly’s choice.

In other fun activities that day, sustainability staff members showed off the Crank-a-Watt generator and gave away bookmark guides to local businesses and Seafood Watch cards to the estimated 500 attendees. As part of a guessing-game, attendees were asked how many plastic utensils the average person uses in one year. Congratulations to our winners who guessed closest to the total number: 128!