Graduating Students: Look for the Tiger Grad to Recycle Your Cap and Gown!

tiger with grad hat
Posted on May 4, 2017

The cap, gown, and tassel for bachelor’s degree candidates and the standard cap, gown, and tassel regalia for graduate degree candidates are made from 100% recycled materials and can be recycled after graduation at designated sites throughout campus. Look for boxes marked with the Tiger Grad! The collection will run from June 6-8.

Please note: The gowns are not recyclable in any traditional recycling bin on campus or your home recycling. 

Here are the locations of the collection boxes for students who choose to recycle their gowns:

Look for this sign!

Forbes College:

  • Library near the Living Room/Lobby

Wilson College:

  • Lobby outside the Julian Street Library

Rocky College:

  • Blair Arch

Mathey College:

  • Outside the Mathey College Office

Butler College:

  • Yoseloff Lawn, near Bloomberg

Whitman College:

  • Outside the Whitman College Office

West Garage:

  • Near ground floor elevator

GSG Donation Drive Tents:

  • Outside Pyne/1901
  • Behind Witherspoon/Edwards
  • New South Front Lawn
  • Outside Dod Hall

Lakeside Apartments

  • Lakeside Commons Building

Graduate College

  • OGC Common Room
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