Sustainability Promoted at Student Information Fairs

girl with power generator
Posted on October 2, 2013

The Office was excited to join the Graduate Information Fair for the first time in early September. Graduate students were provided with “Green Guides” and other literature to help orient them to local businesses and campus sustainability opportunities. Reusable shopping bags were also a big hit. Several grad students enthusiastically reported that they bike to local grocery stores and even compost at home. For the second year in a row, all new graduate students recieved PU Drink Local water bottles at their orientation.

The Office returned to the undergraduate Student Activities Fair together with student sustainability groups assembled under the Pace Civic Engagement tent. For the first time, all of the “green” student groups were together and identified by green tablecloths. GreenLeader groups tabling included the Bee Team, Greening Dining, Greening Princeton, the Princeton Garden Project, the Sustainable Fashion Initiative and SURGE. In addition to introducing students to sustainability initiatives and opportunities at Princeton, the Office showed off its “Crank-a-watt” generator that powered both a light bulb and an iPhone.