Student Profile: Leigh Anne Schriever '16

leigh anne schriever
Posted on August 22, 2014

Major: Woodrow Wilson School

GreenLeader group affiliation: SURGE and the Princeton Sustainable Investment Initiative (PSII)

How do you define sustainability? Sustainability is a goal to use no more than can be reproduced by nature and to tailor human efforts to living within the means that the planet provides us with.

Why did you decide to get involved? I got involved in SURGE because I was looking for some kind of activist group and they were the most politically active environmental group. Its goals were a nice change from most of the Princeton groups I had run across at the time because it wanted to do something and to affect not just the campus but the world outside the bubble, too (fortunately there actually are other activist groups on campus, I just hadn’t found them). Climate change, also, is such an enormous issue and deserves everybody’s attention and participation.

How has your leadership role shaped your experience at Princeton? Being a leader in an environmental group on campus has first and foremost allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people. The student activists, environmental professors, alumni involved in sustainability initiatives, and others have all been incredible and insightful and have had so much knowledge to share. It has also allowed me to feel like my Princeton education is already helping me try and make use of my skills for the outside world.