Student Profile: Katie Wolf, 5th Year Graduate Student

Posted on April 18, 2016

Class year: 5th Year Graduate Student

Major: Computer Science

GreenLeader group affiliation and/or Sustainability initiative: Princeton University Farmers’ Market and the Community Garden Coordinator on the Lakeside Graduate Housing Committee

How do you define sustainability? To me sustainability is about making a conscious effort to support businesses and practices that seek to preserve our natural world and avoid waste and pollution.

Why did you decide to get involved in the Farmers’ Market? I love going to farmers’ markets and I love to plan events, so this seemed like the perfect thing to be involved in. It is exciting to bring local farmers to campus and give everyone from the university and the community the chance to learn about and support them. I am a big supporter of eating local and I love to garden, so someday I hope to be able to live off of what I can grow and what is available locally.

How has your leadership role in the Farmers’ Market shaped your experience at Princeton? Since my research is a very independent project, I often don’t get to work on a team to accomplish my goals. The best part about being involved in the farmers’ market is getting to work very closely with a team of people to make sure everything gets done. It has been fun to interact with so many different people from all areas of the University: grads and undergrads, staff from various offices around campus (Office of Sustainability, Office of Community and Regional Affairs, Campus Dining), and of course the farmers and vendors. Overall, being apart of the Farmers’ Market has helped me make connections and friends that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. It has also been very rewarding to see everyone on market days enjoying the spring air and supporting local farmers and businesses.