Student Profile: Hannah Waxman '19 and Elizabeth Haile '19

students at farmers market
Posted on May 4, 2017

Hannah Waxman '19 and Elizabeth Haile '19 are the two lead student coordinators of the 2017 Princeton University Farmers' Market


Hannah: History with Concentration in French 

Liz: Operations Research and Financial Engineering

How do you define sustainability?

Hannah: Prioritizing lifestyle habits that ensure that the needs of future generations will be met given the current generation's consumption by enacting environmentally responsible initiatives.

Liz: Changing the way we approach resource consumption as individuals and institutions in the present so as to ensure that future generations can benefit from these same resources. 

Why did you decide to get involved with the Farmers' Market?

Hannah: When I was in high school, the best part of my week was visiting our local farmers' market every Sunday to buy fresh produce for my family to enjoy. When I came to college, this tradition was the thing I missed most, so I was thrilled to get the chance to bring my love of locally grown, sustainable food to Princeton's campus and to help bridge the gap between the undergraduate, graduate student, and local community members of Princeton. 

Liz: Food has always been a passion for me, but it wasn't until Princeton that I started to think critically about where my food comes from. At Princeton, I have been exposed to discussions of the sustainability issues related to our food choices, which I have found invaluable. The farmer's market provides an opportunity to facilitate these kind of discussions among undergrads, grads, faculty, community members, and local producers, while bringing fresh, local, sustainable produce to campus.

How has your leadership role shaped your experience at Princeton?

Hannah: Through this role I have gotten the opportunity to interact with a range of people and departments on campus, which has opened my eyes to the dedicated programming and planning that goes on behind the scenes to make the undergraduate experience at Princeton as wonderful as it is. Furthermore, taking initiative on a project like the market that has such personal meaning to me has given me greater agency on this campus and a sense of place.

Liz: My leadership involvement with the market has created opportunities to work with a really dedicated group of individuals on campus. In this role, I have had the privilege to interact with and learn more about sustainability groups and initiatives on campus, which has been a really impactful learning experience for me. This role has also given me the opportunity to step outside the Orange Bubble and interact with local farmers and producers and community members at large, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience.