Staff Ambassador Meeting Highlights: October 24, 2014

Posted on November 3, 2014

Welcome and Introductions

Sustainability at Princeton & Progress

    • Sustainability timeline:

-2008: Sustainability Plan was adopted; today there are two broad categories: Research, Education & Engagement and Campus Systems

-2002: The Princeton Sustainability Committee was formed

-2006: The Office of Sustainability was founded

-2009: The first sustainability annual report was published

-2012: The Sustainability Steering Council was formed

    • Annual Highlights of Princeton’s progress toward its sustainability goals will be published in Nov 2014 (see PowerPoint); Priority categories reviewed include:

-Research & Education; Campus & Civic Engagement; Energy; Buildings; Transportation; Food; Purchasing; Waste reduction; Landscape; and Water

Announcements & Resources

    • Green Office Recognition Pilot Program

-Recognizes departments that have taken extra steps to ‘green’ their operations

-Voluntary program with representative (e.g. Ambassadors, etc.)

-Questionnaire organized by priority areas; scored by OoS

-Piloting in 2014/2015; Roll-out anticipated fall 2015

    • Sustainable catering list

-Sustainable Catering list includes local caterers that include a variety of sustainable selections with meat, vegetarian and vegan options as well as recycled-content dining products and flatware.

Next Steps

    • Stay tuned for scheduling of next meeting for December

View the full powerpoint presentation (.pptx) from the meeting.