Staff Ambassador Meeting Highlights: December 13, 2013

Posted on December 17, 2013

Intro + Announcements

Being Green at Work Presentation

  • Presentation covered ‘Being Green at Work’ in 3 Priority areas from the Sustainability Plan; specific topics covered included:

-Fostering Leadership






For more details and everyday actions, visit the Get Involved at Work page

Discussion & Next Steps


  • Filters are changed out every 6 months
  • Water is typically not refrigerated; if near a steam pipe, may be too warm
  • Call Facilities at 8-8000 if experiencing issues with a water fountain (e.g. taste, mineral build-up, etc.)

Building temperatures

  • Depending on the building, temperatures fluctuate
  • Facilities has posted online their procedural guidelines of heating to 68 degrees F in winter and cooling to 78 degrees F in summer
  • Call Facilities at 8-8000 with heating/cooling issues 

Green Office Program

  • 3-tiered program is in the works: Seed, Sapling, Tree levels
  • Recognition will be a key aspect of the program

Paper towel dispensers

  • In some cases paper towels are overused; some dispensers have blades have become blunt, causing more towels to come out at once
  • Call Facilities at 8-8000 if you notice one with blades that need to be replaced
  • Hands-free air dryers are also being explored  

Composting on campus

  • The University currently has a contract with a hauler to bring all food scraps to local farms
  • AgriArk, a local composting facility under development, will eventually take our food scraps provided they receive necessary permitting
  • Food waste from departments should be considered with regard to disposal options
  • The Freefood Listserv is available to subscribers who wish to advertise leftover food –

Plastic bags

  • Recycling receptacles are available in the entryways at the U-Store on University Place and at the Wawa
  • Most grocery stores accept them for recycling as well

New hire package

  • Include more sustainability info at Employee orientation (e.g. water bottles and sporks)
  • Office of Sustainability is partnering with HR to incorporate sustainability in New Manager Orientation, and will be working on additional integration opportunities going forward

View the full powerpoint presentation (.pptx) from the meeting.

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