PSC Meeting Highlights: December 4, 2013

Posted on December 10, 2013
Senior Steering Council Recap
  • New Council made up of senior faculty and administrators; will appoint student representatives in the spring
  • Council intends to make recommendations to the President
  • The first meeting was held in early November; many topics were discussed, including ways to incentivize behavior change
Food Scraps Update
  • AgriArk is a local Trenton composting facility that may process University food scraps provided it receives required permitting
  • Currently the University has a contract with a food hauler, Premier Foods, which is taking our food waste to local farms
Website preview: “Get Involved at Work”
  • On the new OoS website, there is a section for how to get involved at school, work, and home by performing “everyday actions”
  • Three actions were detailed: “Purchase Greener Office Supplies,” “Drink Local” and “Join a Carpool”
  • All actions were displayed including information about the “Green Office Program” – a potential voluntary program with three levels: seed, sapling, tree.
Greening Princeton – Single Stream Recycling Pilot Results
  • Greening Princeton co-presidents presented the results of the Single Stream Recycling Pilot conducted in 1939 and Edwards dorms
  • Data showed higher rate of recycling across the board for single-stream recycling, specifically plastic recycling
  • Door to door education and awareness campaign was a key part of the success
  • Next steps include expanding single stream recycling to more dorms, a compost pilot next semester with Co-ops, and future plans to create a freshman orientation recycling related activity