Call for Proposals: Dean for Research Innovation Fund for the Campus as Lab

Posted on August 4, 2017

Dean for Research Innovation Fund for the Campus as a Lab: Faculty Research in Sustainability, Energy and the Environment

Proposals due: November 20, 2017

At Princeton, the “Campus as Living Lab” approach is defined as a campus-based intersection of cultural, behavioral or operational activities and research that result in the advancement of sustainability problem-solving or discourse. Faculty from all four divisions may propose up to two research projects, one for undergraduate student research and another for graduate student or postdoctoral research. The intent is to make funding available for innovative projects that encourage faculty to collaborate with undergraduate and/or graduate students on studies that help promote campus sustainability and environmental responsibility. More information is available in the call for proposals

One-year projects involving undergraduate students can receive up to $15,000 for research. Expenditures can include summer stipends, research-related travel by undergraduate students, capital equipment and laboratory supplies.
One-year projects for graduate students or postdoctoral researchers can receive up to $150,000 for research. Expenditures can include graduate student stipend and tuition, post-doctoral salary and benefits, research-related travel by graduate students or postdocs, capital equipment, and laboratory supplies.
This initiative is made possible through support from the Office of the Dean for Research, the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, the High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund, the Princeton Environmental Institute, the Office of the Dean of the College, and Facilities.
Proposals should be no more than three pages long, plus a separate budget page, and will be evaluated by a faculty committee on the basis of quality and originality. Submit proposals to the attention of Associate Dean for Research Karla Ewalt ( by November 20, 2017. Funding could start as early as February 5, 2018.
Faculty members are encouraged to contact Caroline Savage, Campus as Lab Manager with the Office of Sustainability (, 8-7513), to discuss possible projects.