Alumni Profile: Jeff Rosalsky '85

Jeff Rosalsky
Posted on April 5, 2017



Professional role and organization:

Executive Director, Pocono Environmental Education Center (PEEC)

How do you define sustainability?

Making conscious choices that reduce human impact on the earth and its finite resources.

How does your work relate to sustainability and how did Princeton prepare you for your role?

I am helping to educate and inspire the next generations to make sustainable life choices and seek high and low tech solutions to sustainability issues of clean water, energy and waste.  I was an English major, not an engineer or an environmental science major, but my Princeton experience was fundamental in providing the framework to tackle these issues with students in innovative ways.  Princeton provided me with opportunities I hadn't imagined and was usually willing to make policy changes following convincing arguments from undergraduates--what more could one ask for. The continuing support from classmates and other alums is amazing.

What advice would you offer to students seeking to focus on or incorporate sustainability in their careers?

My advice would be to ask why.  Why is "it" done this way? Usually the answer is that it has always been done that way.  If something is not working or can be improved and made more sustainable, you need to push for the change.  I don't mean protest, I mean find the solution.  Your youth, inexperience and sharp uncluttered minds are your greatest asset.