Alumni Profile: Brooks Barron '11

Brooks Barron '11
Posted on September 15, 2015


Woodrow Wilson School

Professional role and organization:

Strategy & Operations Manager at

How do you define sustainability?

I view sustainability as a long-term, symbiotic relationship between humankind and nature. Sustainable human behavior treats natural resources in a way that ensures they will not be wasted or exhausted, and promotes a future in which human civilization and our natural ecosystems both thrive. Achieving this long-term goal of "sustainability" will require great effort on all fronts: business innovation, progressive policy-making, research breakthroughs and cultural evolution, to name a few. Above all, it will require collaboration between various groups of people, as well as between humankind and nature.

How does your work relate to sustainability and how did Princeton prepare you for your role?

I currently work for a solar energy software startup that is helping to scale solar energy worldwide. It's an innovative business model combined with a powerful technology that is helping to make solar energy cheaper and more accessible. I also volunteer and work on side projects to help people get outside and connect with nature - which I think is a key piece of the cultural evolution we need to achieve a sustainable future. Princeton helped prepare me for all of this by strengthening my creative and analytical skillset, as well as providing me with some of my first leadership experiences. My public policy training at WWS has been particularly helpful in my work in energy, and my experience as an OA Leader helped me build my skills in facilitating positive experiences in nature for others.

What advice would you offer to students seeking to focus on or incorporate sustainability in their careers?

There are so many aspects to what sustainability means, so I would encourage you to focus on a niche that feels particularly compelling, rewarding, and fun for you. If you love what you do AND you are doing something with positive impact, you will go far!

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