Same Address, New Website!

March 27, 2024

Welcome to our new website! There's so much happening at Princeton University around Sustainability we redesigned our website to reflect all sustainability-related efforts across campus.

What's different?

  • Broader scope, incorporating all things sustainable across Facilities and Princeton University
  • New content on how Princeton University is working toward net-zero campus greenhouse gas emissions
  • Answers to frequently asked questions in Resources
  • More photos, images, events, opportunities, resources, and information

The new website enabled us to grow our content from the Office of Sustainability to Sustainability at Princeton. The broader scope not only represents a new focus of the website, but also the influence of the Sustainability Action Plan and progress towards the plan at the University. We are always excited to engage with our students, staff and faculty, and proud of the continued and enhanced collaboration with our Facilities colleagues in purposefully incorporating sustainable elements in everything we support and build on campus.

If this is your first or twentieth time visiting, there is a lot to see. We invite you to look around the new site and encourage you to explore these areas first if you are short on time:

  • Take Action - Find specific ways YOU can reduce your carbon footprint, from drinking locally to greening your dorm or office. We encourage you to try a new action today!
  • Sustainable Campus - This is a brand-new section that provides information on the exciting sustainable technologies we are employing in new construction, such as Layered Land Use, as well as the many practices we use in maintaining a sustainable campus, including Blue Cleaning and Composting. 
  • Action Plan & Progress - Explore our eight Sustainability Action Plan performance areas and the 2024 Progress Report (coming soon), providing measures on our progress in reaching our target goals. 

As with any new website, we welcome your feedback! Please use our Website Feedback form and let us know what you think, the good, the bad and what's missing.