Visiting Indigenous scholar Olga Ulturgasheva shares urgent climate dispatches from the Arctic in a Princeton course

April 4, 2022

Arctic Indigenous worlds, experiences, and challenges past and present — along with their implications for our climate crisis — are the focus of a course at Princeton this spring titled “Pluriversal Arctic.” That is also the life’s work of the course’s instructor, Olga Ulturgasheva, an Eveny member, renowned anthropologist and the current Canadian Studies Pathy Distinguished Visitor at Princeton.

“I’m trying to show this alternative vision, perhaps change a little bit of something within these students, to see the environment not as something to control, tame or modify, but as something that without which, humans cannot survive,” said Ulturgasheva, an internationally recognized social scientist with decades of field research in the Arctic who is also a visiting research scholar and visiting professor in the Council of the Humanities for the current academic year.