Greening Move-out

April 27, 2022

2022 Greening Move-out Update

Due to a number of factors including a key vacancy in the Office of Sustainability and other staffing shortages, and logistical pressures surrounding what may be an unprecedentedly large Reunions, this year the Office of Sustainability is only able to fully support collecting all donatables during Senior move-out, including large items (e.g. couches, futons, fridges, etc.). However, we will offer certain focused collection efforts during all move-out periods.

We need your help spreading the word! Take It, Store It, Sell It, Donate It!

All classes: Starting May 4:

  • Expanded clothing collections in Helpsy bins in most laundry rooms (see map)
    • Holder basement
    • Witherspoon basement
    • Edwards basement
    • Dod lower level
    • Brown 
    • 1903 basement
    • Butler basement laundry - 2 rooms
    • Bloomberg basement
    • Whitman 1981 hall basement
    • Spelman laundry basement
    • 1901/Laughlin laundry room
    • Henry hall laundry 
    • Little hall basement laundry 
    • Forbes main laundry room 
  • Collections at Frist 118: Eco-Lounge (May 4-12)
    • Books, shoes, non-perishable food items, and linens ONLY

Seniors: May 24-25

  • Collections at tent sites (see map)
    • Pyne/1901 (5th)
    • Foulke-Henry (10th)
    • Butler/Frist (15th)
    • Whitman Upper Courtyard (20th)
    • Little/Edwards (30th)
    • Butler Courtyard (40th)
    • Rocky/Mathey: Blair-Joline Courtyard (50th)
    • Forbes front lawn under tent
  • Donatable items:
    • Large furniture
    • Small dorm room items,
    • Books
    • Shoes
    • Non-perishable food items
    • Linens
    • Bikes
    • Scooters and chargers


Donation Partner Contacts & Resale Resources

If you are unable to take your items with you or store it over the summer, you can visit or contact one of these donation partners to donate your items.


Small & Large Furniture and Dorm Items

Resale Resources