Guide to Greening Move-Out

April 26, 2021

Donations will be collected starting Wednesday, April 28 through Tuesday, May 18.

Free blue bags and boxes to use for donations will be distributed at Dillon Gym starting Monday, April 26.

There are 3 Move-Out Donation Collection Areas:

  1. Dorm Donation Locations
  2. Clothing Donations in Dorm Laundry rooms
  3. Food Donations at the Frist Campus Center Welcome Desk

Specific donation information is outlined below. Download the Greening Move-Out Guide as a pdf.

Please check back as this page will continue to be updated. Last updated 5/10/21.

Dorm Donation Locations:

tiger print background with text boxes and green tiger with cardboard boxes

Leave your bagged or boxed items outside the door to the following rooms. Building Services staff will move items into the room intermittently throughout the day. 


Blair Hall – Rocky Seminar room – room T5

Blair Hall – Mathey Seminar room – room T3

Forbes College

Main Inn – BlackBox Theatre – room 024

Whitman College 

Hargadon Hall – classroom G100C

Butler/First College

1939 Hall – room B01

1938 Hall – room 201 – entry 2 basement level

*Please Note: There will be NO outdoor tent donation locations this year!

Accepted Items (in Dorm donation rooms)

Items must be clean and in good condition. Please use blue bags or boxes for donation items:

  • Small appliances (Coffee Pots, Vacuums, Irons) 
  • Fans
  • Alarm clock 
  • Umbrella 
  • Hangers
  • Fans (any size)
  • Desk lamp and standing lamps
  • Chargers for electronics and a power strip
  • Personal care items and bath essentials 
  • Laundry bag/basket and laundry supplies
  • School supplies
  • Mirrors 
  • Storage Containers (3 drawers, 1 drawer)
  • Reusable water bottles and mugs
  • Drying racks

Not-Accepted Items (in Dorm donation rooms)

  • Clothing (Donate in laundry rooms - see below)
  • Food (Donate in Frist - see below)
  • Books (Donate at Better World Book collection locations)
  • Large furniture and fridges (Leave in rooms - see below)

Large Furniture items 

orange stripe background with green tiger and green letters, cardboard boxes and water bottle with plant, 9 white boxes with green and orange borders and orange, black and green text, image of white bin with black lid

Must be clean and in good condition! These items can be left in your dorm rooms for donation without penalty:

  • Sofas  
  • Tables 
  • Chairs 
  • Fridges (must be clean and empty)

Non-acceptable items at any location! These items must be landfilled in outdoor dumpsters or trash rooms.

  • Pillows or mattress pads
  • Broken appliances or electronics
  • Excessively worn or damaged dorm items and furniture
  • Opened or expired food items

Dumpster Locations: Spellman Hall (off Pyne Drive), Forbes College (parking lot), Gauss Hall (parking lot)

Clothing Donation - Laundry Rooms: 

white bin with black lid

Clothing can be in any condition but should be clean, dry and bagged. Donate clothing to HELPSY bins (pictured) in laundry rooms in the following locations: 

  • Butler: Bloomberg Hall basement
  • Forbes College: Main building and basement in the annex
  • Rocky & Mathey: Witherspoon Hall
  • Whitman: Baker Hall
  • Upperclass Housing:
    • Henry Hall
    • Pyne Hall
    • Spelman Hall

Food Donation - Frist Campus Center:

Food can be donated at the Orange Bin at the Frist Welcome Desk.

Collection dates: May 5-7 and May 12-14

Accepted: Unopened non-perishable food, Plastic wrapped utensils, packaged snacks, food and beverages

Not accepted: Fruit, hot meals, bread, milk, opened packaged food, expired food

Donations will be organized and distributed to local organizations over the summer as well as stored on campus for distribution to students in the fall. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

For the full Spring 2021 Move-Out FAQ Visit the Housing Website

Questions about Greening Move-Out? Contact Lisa Nicolaison

Greening Move-Out is supported by Building Services, Housing, USG Sustainability Committee, and ODUS.