Wintersession 2021 Offerings

Nov. 16, 2020

Wintersession is a two-week experience for Princeton University community members to experiment and explore through unexpected, active and intriguing non-graded learning and growth opportunities. 

Undergraduate and graduate students and faculty/staff can register for Wintersession workshops through Friday, November 20, 2020. Register on the Wintersession website.

The Office of Sustainability is pleased to host the following two Wintersession workshops:

Environmental Justice: What Can I Do?

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January 25-29, 1-3pm EST

We’ve also seen youth climate strikes and campaigns for conservation and environmentalism. But there’s a missing link in these conversations: environmental justice, a diverse international movement centering around the idea that all people deserve the right to clean air, water, and land and to live in a healthy environment. We invite you to join us for an interactive workshop-discussion series on environmental justice, whether or not your current passions or professions relate to sustainability and environmental issues. Together, let’s learn how to meaningfully use our unique knowledge and skills “in the Nation’s Service and the Service of Humanity,” to help move environmental justice into the mainstream conversation.

This workshop is open to Princeton Undergraduate students, Graduate/Doctoral students and Faculty/Staff.




Climate Emotions, Environmental Justice, & Student Mentorship

January 19 and 21, 3-5pm EST

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This workshop aims to provide graduate students with tools to process their own climate grief/anxiety/other emotions, skills to mentor undergraduates who are experiencing these feelings, and techniques to build recognition of these feelings into curricula. Graduate students – as preceptors, tutors, Resident Graduate Students, and other mentorship roles – often directly support undergraduate students or peers. Moreover, as many of them are faculty-in-training, learning successful pedagogical skills is key.

This workshop is open only to Princeton Graduate and Doctoral students.