Final Presentations from ENV 327: Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton

June 25, 2020

This past spring, students in Dr. Shana Weber’s seminar, ENV 327: Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton, engaged with faculty and staff of diverse expertise to examine global sustainability issues and how they manifest locally on the Princeton campus. For the final assignment, students were presented with real-time decision-making needs at Princeton, and given an opportunity to influence those decisions via evidence-based proposals designed to be repeatable and scalable.

Watch a Teaser Trailer of the final presentations:

Watch a 16 minute video summary video of the class presentations:

Below are links to the full final student presentations recorded over Zoom:


James Armstrong '21 – Improving recycling at the eating clubs

Melanie Porras '21 – Understanding undergraduate recycling habits

Nina Grant '21 – Assessing disposable cup use and behaviors on campus

Barrett Gray '20 – Use of reusable items at catered events

Roberto Hasbun '21 – Assessing disposable cup use at the Coffee Club

Raneem Mohamed '21 – Changing plastic cup use at Eating Clubs


Eve Cooke '22 – Assessing Free Gear Giveaways on campus

Ryan Eusebi '22 – Evaluating departmental catering procurement practices

Aly Guindo '23 – Assessing purchasing habits through the Marketplace


Roman Ackley '20 – PU’s Energy Transition Challenge to a Low-Carbon Future

Bryce Bickel '21 – Firestone Library Lighting Energy Conservation

Connor Matthews '20 – Assessing 24/7 lighting in student living spaces


Angelo Ou '22 – Improving access and use of Lake Carnegie shorelines

Hugues Martin Dit Neuville '21 – Walk and Talk Therapy 

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