Tiger Chef Challenge and Earth Day Food Expo

April 29, 2016

Article by Campus Dining

The Tiger Chef Challenge and Earth Day Food Expo was conceived as an idea to strengthen community engagement through food. We had blocked April to celebrate, educate, and engage our community through our work on Sustainability in Food Systems and to celebrate Earth Day.

Some of the high points experienced throughout the planning and execution:

  • Enchanted Food Garden featured fresh produce (Students got to forage from a live garden, and more importantly, they foraged for plant-based ingredients: both healthy and sustainable)
  • Culinary competition had students engaged with their Chef Coaches and Campus Dining team
  • Earth Day Food Expo vendor partners were generous with their time and presence
  • From idea to implementation, April 22 was a day of celebration for Princeton students, faculty, and staff
  • There was a community that came together around food to celebrate Earth Day

Student teams competed for the Tiger Chef Cup and were challenged to prepare healthy sustainable plant-based recipe that supports Campus Dining's Culinary Principle: “Leveraging globally inspired plant based culinary strategies.”

The winning teams:

First place: Team Wildflowers from Wilson College

Second place: Team Wildcats from The Graduate College

Third place: Team Bloodless Beetroots from Forbes College

This was our first year and we hope to build a tradition of bringing our community together as we celebrate Earth Day in the coming years.

We look forward to having you at the next Tiger Chef Challenge and Earth Day celebrations in 2017.