Nature Walks with Henry Horn

Welcome to Nature Walks with Henry Horn!

Ecology professor Henry Horn has been exploring Princeton University’s campus for the past 53 years—and paying close attention to the plants and animals he meets. This video series will share Henry’s unique knowledge of Princeton’s natural history, as well as give viewers the information they need to go out and experience campus ecology themselves.

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Episode 5: Mockingbirds

Princeton ecologist Henry Horn was strolling past Princeton Stadium this summer when he noticed something interesting: An adult mockingbird was perched on the head of one of the stainless steel tigers at the stadium’s entrance. Upon further observation, Henry discovered that the resourceful mockingbird had chosen the inside of the tiger’s mouth as a well-protected spot to raise its chicks. Fun fact: Princeton University’s most virtuosic mockingbird can sing the songs of 17 other bird species.

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About Henry Horn

Henry Horn
Henry Horn, emeritus professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, has been exploring the wildest corners of Princeton’s campus for the past 53 years. During this time, field notebook in hand, he’s been a keen observer of the flora, fauna and fungus he encounters. For a full biography, visit the department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology's website.
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