Green Your Event

green your event

There are a number of ways to green your event. Steps you can take include serving sustainable food; using ecofriendly or reusable tableware; encouraging recycling and composting; reducing waste; promoting sustainable transportation; and educating your audience. For more information, download the "Green Your Event Checklist" and "Sustainable Catering List" below.

Catering at Princeton:

Campus Dining brings together expertise in the culinary arts, wellness, sustainability, procurement and hospitality to develop innovative programs in support of Princeton’s diverse and vibrant community. Their award-winning food program is based on scientific and evidence based principles of healthy, sustainable menus and is prepared by their culinary team with high quality ingredients. 

Princeton University's Campus Dining provides distinct on-campus catering services depending on your catering needs.  Their goal is to provide the highest quality service to faculty, staff, students, alumni and all affiliates of the University community. 


Green Your Event Checklist (.pdf)

Sustainable Catering List (.pdf)

Sustainable Events Working Group