Student Thesis and Paper Titles

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Campus as Lab Senior Theses

The Meat of the Matter: Behavioral Science Nudges for a More Sustainable Diet
Cecilia Shang '18, Woodrow Wilson School

Assessing the Energy and Water Use of Vertical Farming at Princeton University
Jesenia Haynes '18, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

A System for Vertical Farming Data Collection and Analysis
Aamir Zainulabadeen '18, Computer Science

Trash Mermaids:  A New Play
Miles Dupuis Carey '18, English

A Comprehensive Inventory of Princeton University Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Jantien Kanoelani Shizuru '17, Civil & Environmental Engineering

A Microgrid Analysis of the Princeton University System: Flow Battery Purchase Incentives
Sarah Tucker '17, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Design of a 10 kWh Modular Battery Pack for Marine Craft and Stationary Energy Storage Applications
Rachel Herrera '17, Isaac Ilivicky '17, Austin Pruitt '17, Benjamin Sorkin '17, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Instrumentation of a Co-Storage System for Small-Scale Wind Energy Management
Hannah Davinroy '17, Physics

Intraspecific Competition Mediated by Mycorrhizal Fungi Alters Photosynthetic Response to Herbivory in Soybean
Olivia Trase '17, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

Investigating a Feasible, Reliable and Cost-Efficient Energy Portfolio In a Net-Zero Carbon Emissions Landscape
Ginevra Guzzi '17, Operations Research & Financial Engineering

The Water-Energy Nexus in Large Cities
Hope Lorah '17, Civil & Environmental Engineering

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