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The following topics have been identified in partnership with University operational departments and faculty from various academic departments to assist students in identifying potential JP, Senior Thesis and graduate research topics using the campus itself as a living laboratory for sustainability problem-solving.

Please browse below, or use the sorting options to the right to narrow your search by topic or discipline. Contact the Campus as Lab team, Caroline Savage and Gina Talt '15, for more information or questions!

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Design a rewards system for recycling properly, possibly in collaboration with existing student-designed app EcoTracker, then test to see whether recycling behavior is sustained after the reward is given.

Topics: waste reduction
Disciplines: Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Psychology

Design prototype energy storage and generation devices that can be deployed on campus to enhance our microgrid.

Topics: energy
Disciplines: Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Physics, Robotics

What are the economic, quality of life, and/or social justice impacts of Princeton’s purchasing, consumption, and waste of food on surrounding communities?

Disciplines: Environmental Studies, Politics, Sociology, Woodrow Wilson School

How do ancient and/or modern religious scholarship inform how sustainability should be practiced on Princeton’s campus?

Disciplines: Religion

Expand existing research to understand the consumption profile (energy, travel, shopping, food, etc.) of residents in the municipality of Princeton towards helping to set carbon emissions reduction targets for the municipality.

Disciplines: Anthropology, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies, Geosciences, Politics, Sociology

How can art, literature, theatre, and/or film inspire sustainable behavior change and an ethos of sustainability in ways that science alone cannot?

Disciplines: Anthropology, Art & Archeology, English, Environmental Studies, Psychology, Religion, Sociology, Theatre

Apply research methods examining molecular mechanisms of efficient photosynthesis to the Princeton Vertical Farming Project.

Topics: food
Disciplines: Molecular Biology

Are bathroom hand dryers bad for human health? Corroborate or dispute past studies with ties to the paper industry that paper towels are more effective than hand dryers at reducing the spread of germs.

Disciplines: Chemistry, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies, Geosciences