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The Tiger Energy mobile app shows REAL-TIME data of campus energy generation and energy consumption. Data includes the campus solar array and central plant gas turbines, steam turbines, chilled water and steam.

View more live data streams at Tiger Energy.

Do it in the Dark 

The "Do It in The Dark" Energy Competition is now in its fourth year. The most recent competition ran from April 2 to April 21, 2017. Congratulations to Mathey College for saving the most energy and winning a study break.

Visit the live energy leaderboard to see the full results of the competition, and to view college energy data year round!

Previous Winners:

Forbes College 2014

Forbes College 2015

Wilson College 2016

The DIITD energy competition is brought to you by Green PrincetonWattvision and the Office of Sustainability.

Live Data

Renewable Energy

solar panels5.3-megawatt solar collector field on 27 acres

The University’s 4.5-megawatt solar collector field is comprised of 16,500 photovoltaic panels and is one of the largest single installations at a U.S. college or university.

Sun Power solar data

Wattvision Live Solar data


Data from the Butler green roof reaches from 2013 to the present and is available for download.

The Hydrometeorology Program focuses on measurement, analysis and modeling of atmospheric and land surface processes tied to the hydrologic cycle. A special interest of the group centers on hydrometeorological processes in the urban environment. The Hydrometeorology Lab maintains five stations around Princeton University campus. The data from these stations are used by students and professors to gain insight into the impact of suburban development on different environmental paramters. These real-time data loggers act as part of the Campus as a Lab initiative. Data collected is used in on-going research of the Butler Green Roofs and Washington Stream Restoration.

To request access to other related data, contact Campus as Lab Manager, Caroline Savage