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kiosk display case
Fall 2012

Exhibit Description

New Jersey frequently suffers from both surface-water and groundwater drought conditions. The university integrates water conservation efforts with building, landscape and stormwater management programs. These water-saving initiatives have contributed to a 19 percent, or 46 million gallon, reduction in overall water usage since 2006. This exhibit features many of these water-saving initiatives including the Washington Road Stream Restoration project, drink local campaign and campus as a lab stream monitoring research.

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    The splice of wood displayed came from an approximately 180-year-old tree felled in the riparian habitat of the Washington Road stream. While some trees were removed during the restoration-many of which were threatened by ongoing bank erosion- some 300 new trees have been planted. The tool featured on the right is called a multimeter probe and is used for comprehensive water quality monitoring and was used to assess the health of the Washington Road stream at 10 sites and Lake Carnegie at 20 sites. A number of sensors in the probe simultaneously measure conductivity (salinity), temperature, water, depth, pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, chlorophyll, and blue-green algae.