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waste and recycling exhibit
Waste Reduction & Recycling
Spring 2015

Exhibit Description

Since 2006, the Office of Sustainability has worked collaboratively with the campus community to encourage waste reduction and recycling. Princeton's goal is to reduce overall campus waste by 40 percent between 2006 and 2020. This exhibit features Princeton's waste reduction initiatives, including the recent switch to mixed recycling, educational efforts by the student groups Greening Princeton and the EcoReps, as well as ways for individuals to reduce waste in their daily lives.

Related Resources

  • large case on display

    The waste reduction efforts of the student groups Greening Princeton and EcoReps are on display in the large case.

  • recycling bin and sign

    In 2013, the student group Greening Princeton along with Building Services collaborated to launch a mixed recycling pilot in more than 100 dorm rooms. The experiment resulted in a 20 percent increase in recycling and all participating students approved of the switch. On exhibit are the mixed recycling bins now being used in all student dorms, the informational recycling tent deployed to administrative offices, and the mixed recycling poster, all of which were designed by students.

  • 3-hole bin labels

    The campus-wide mixed recycling roll out is happening in parallel with the introduction of a new receptacle labeling system to increase recycling rates.

  • Ecoreps sign and tank

    At the end of each academic year, the student EcoReps program organizes the annual greening of Reunions by promoting waste reduction and recycling. During Reunions, the EcoReps wear bright green tanks to draw attention to recycling, and march in the P-rade with colorful signs like the one on display.

  • small display case

    Using reusable items can save money and resources. This case exhibits the ways that individuals can reduce waste in their daily lives by reusing items like bags, water bottles and mugs. 

  • goviv container

    Campus community members can save 25 cents on each meal and reduce packaging waste by using a reusable container, now available at Café Vivian, in exchange for a $5 deposit.

  • bottles and sporks

    All freshman receive BPA-free drink local bottles and sporks at Move In. Beverages purchased with reusable mugs are eligible for a 25 cent discount at Dining retailers on campus.

  • pen recycling

    Used writing utensils can be recycled at the GreenSpace. The items are sent to Terracycle® to be recycled into other products.

  • reusable bag

    This reusable EcoReps bag is made from plastic bottles. Campus retailers encourage the use of reusable bags to reduce plastic use.

  • can this be recycled

    Items at the GreenSpace test visitors' recycling knowledge by asking the question "Can this be recycled?" Items include: a newspaper, yogurt container, aerosol can, and partially filled glass bottle.