About Campus as Lab

What is Campus as Lab?

The Campus as Lab program supports faculty, staff, and students from a variety of disciplines in using the Princeton campus as a living laboratory to solve sustainability challenges. Study any topic ranging from energy conservation and natural resource management, to behavior change.

Why study Campus as Lab?

students with electric boat Building an electric motor for the crew team's coach boats. Pictured: Ben Sorkin '17 and Kirk Robinson '17.
  • Apply theory into practice through hands-on problem-solving
  • Gain perspective on real-world environmental issues
  • Work alongside other members of the campus community to improve campus sustainability and inform the University’s planning efforts
  • Make a meaningful impact both locally at Princeton, and globally
  • Learn to employ the principles of sustainability in your future endeavors!

How to Get Involved

student with indoor hydroponic grower Testing sustainable growing methods using Café Viv's Urban Cultivator, an indoor hydroponic vertical garden. Pictured: Rozalie Czesana '18


Explore our website to explore the different avenues of involvement:

  • Find a course
  • Assist with faculty/staff research efforts
  • Find a research idea for course projects or independent work:
  1. Browse our list of interdisciplinary research questions
  2. Contact us to obtain more information/data!

Faculty and Staff

Contact us if you…

  • Are interested in collaborating on current Campus as Lab research projects 
  • Have research question ideas, no matter how developed!

Contact Us

Caroline Savage

Campus as Lab Manager