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Princeton Sustainability Committee Meeting Notes: October 19, 2016

2026 Campus Plan Presentation

A presentation was delivered by Princeton Campus Plan team consultants, Cyndi Rottenberg-Walker of Urban Strategies (lead consultants), and Byron Stigge of Level Infrastructure (sustainability consultants)

Presentation Overview:

-Relationship between sustainability and campus planning processes

Sustainability Planning: Shana Weber, Office of Sustainability

Welcome and Introductions

Group Announcements

General Announcements:

Welcome and Introductions

Sustainability at Princeton & Progress

    • Sustainability timeline:

-2008: Sustainability Plan was adopted; today there are two broad categories: Research, Education & Engagement and Campus Systems

-2002: The Princeton Sustainability Committee was formed

-2006: The Office of Sustainability was founded

-2009: The first sustainability annual report was published

General Announcements:

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