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by Somi Jun '20

In 2012, Princeton’s Office of Sustainability began a partnership with Savraj Singh ‘03 to track and visualize the university’s live energy usage. The collaboration with Singh’s company, Wattvision, has since culminated in Tiger Energy, which breaks down campus energy supply and usage in colorful, easy-to-understand charts. 

This past fall, students in Dr. Shana Weber’s seminar, ENV 327: Investigating an Ethos of Sustainability at Princeton, engaged with faculty and staff of diverse expertise to examine global sustainability issues and how they manifest locally on the Princeton campus. For the final assignment, students proposed demonstration-scale campus interventions with the overall goal of strengthening the sustainability ethos at Princeton.

Below is a summary of the students’ recommendations by topic:


The University’s Office of Sustainability celebrated its tenth anniversary with a party at the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment on Friday, Oct. 21. Office of Sustainability Director Shana Weber said that over the past decade the Office has focused on turning campus into a demonstration of sustainability. Read more at the Daily Princetonian.

The Princeton University campus is full of opportunities to explore sustainability within a variety of disciplines. However, many students are unaware of sustainability efforts being pursued by the University, and the opportunity to tie sustainability into their independent work through the Campus as Lab program.

by Nazik Elmekki '18

This spring, Dr. Sander van der Linden, a social psychologist based in the Department of Psychology with joint appointments in the Woodrow Wilson School and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, taught a course titled The Psychology of Environmental Decision Making. Students in the course split up into three teams to explore environmental education and climate change, recycling behavior, and different prompting strategies in the context of plastic bottle consumption.

Name: Jamie Simpson

Class year: 2016

Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Article by Olivia Grah '19

Students enrolled in ARC 311 this past fall were enlisted to participate in a new kind of building project. Taught by lecturer and practitioner Nat Oppenheimer with lab assistance from architecture senior technician Bill Tansley, the course is primarily for Architecture majors in their Junior or Senior year.

The Office of Sustainability welcomes four new undergraduate Campus as Lab Research Assistants!

The Research Assistants will work under the guidance of Christian J. Rivera ’14, Campus as Lab Fellow, to conduct research on Princeton’s sustainable systems and contribute to the development of the Campus as Lab program.


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