High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund Application Form


  • In an effort to make this a more efficient application process, please submit your responses via this webform. 
  • You are required to log in with your Princeton University netID to fill out the form. You may save a draft of your application submission and return to the form later before submitting the final version.
  • All applicants are required to download and use this budget template when submitting a project budget. 
  • The following timeline template may be useful as a reference when planning your project.
  • Please follow the indicated word limits. The essay response fields have a dynamic word count in the lower right corner.
  • If you have any questions or feedback about the application form, please contact Sustain.

Additional Information & Resources

Expectations if funds are awarded:

  • Any changes to the scope of the project if funds are awarded must be approved by the Office of Sustainability
  • Upon completion of your project, the applicant listed on this application will be expected to complete the Assessment Report form within 30 days of the project's completion.

For additional information about the High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund, visit the fund website or contact Sustain.

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