Campus as Lab GreenSpace Question Results

The Spring 2017 GreenSpace Exhibit featuring Campus as Lab includes an interactive campus map with weekly questions that will help the Campus as Lab team learn more about where there may be opportunities for Campus as Lab research. This page will document the results from each week as well as display the current question at the exhibit.

May 30-June 7

Where do you see the worst trash & recycling behavior during Reunions?


5th and 10th!

5th, 10th, 15th, 20th – One time use costumes from 3rd world countries

Alternative fuel vehicles for the ROVER program

P-rade (although props to the green team for their work)

5th and 10th!

Eating Clubs!

Encourage people to reuse cups. Have bins to dump liquid.

Real bathrooms (not port-a-potties at nice 25th Reunion dinner)

Has composting been considered? Volunteers to help people sort at the bins – they do this at public events in DC

Additional post it- with above comment (agree- please compost)

May 8-29

Where would you like to conduct Campus as Lab research? What is your specific research question?

No answers were received for this question.

May 1-7

Where is your favorite place on campus to ride a bike?


To work along the tow path

Down Elm Drive!

Down Elm Drive!!!

Eating Clubs to Jadwin Gym

April 10-April 30

Where is your favorite tree on campus?


The two large and beautifully blooming Crepe Myrtles next to the archway between Holder and Campbell

Gynko tree outside Little and Edwards

Pyne Tree, good for climbing

The new tree between McCosh Health and Jones Hall

Flowering pink trees in Butler College

Japanese Oak tree in Prospect Garden

The Dawn Redwood by McCormick

Stamp Act Sycamore near Henry House

Japanese Flower Blossoms near Bendheim

The large Quercus rubra between Frist and McCosh, largest/oldest oak on campus

Blue Atlas Cedar north of Frist

Pine Trees north of Prospect House

The best climbing tree on campus is north of Prospect House

March 27-April 9 

Where are the campus vegetable and herb gardens? Where on campus would you want to see a new garden?


The current campus vegetable and herb gardens are located at Forbes College and outside Frist Campus Center

DeNunzio Pool – needs a change of scenery

Behind Neuroscience Building

Cannon Eating Club

March 13-26

When you want to refill your reusable water bottle, identify where on campus it is: Easy or Difficult


Easy: Dillon Gym, MacMillan Building, Robertson Hall

Difficult: Tower/The Street

Comments: “Often tap water tastes better. I think this is a problem…”

March 6-12

Where is the best example of sustainability on campus? Write a word about how that place makes you feel.


Forbes Garden! Vegetables are organically grown and harvest is a super local food source for campus! Relaxing and stress-free environment!

Cogen Plant! Warm in winter, cool in summer

February 27-March 5

Where on campus is Princeton not practicing what we preach about sustainability? What conflicts are you seeing?


Lights on in New South all night!

Gas leaf blowers on campus – they smell and pollute!

Bloomberg/Scully- Lights always on everywhere

Frist – overuse of plastic packaging

Spelman – overturned trash cans

February 20-26

Think about temperature in campus spaces: Where do you feel most comfortable? Where do you feel least comfortable?


  • Too hot in Scully – can’t change the thermostat!
  • McCosh classrooms are overheated in the winter and too hot in May
  • Friend Center stairs are sooo hot
  • Frick – most comfortable
  • Art Museum – most comfortable
  • Frist Campus Center – least comfortable

February 13-19

Where do you see the worst behavior around recycling on campus?


  • Frist
  • Prospect Street
  • We all come from different places with different recycling standards. To put it simply, most of us don’t know how and what to recycle. It would be great if incoming students would have to watch some instructional videos similar to the ones regarding alcohol abuse and sexual assault.

Week 1: February 6-12 

What is your favorite outdoor spot on campus to ________?

  • Read/study (use pink sticky note)
  • Relax (use blue sticky note)
  • Use a laptop (use yellow sticky note)
  • Play sports (use green sticky note)


Read/study: Lakeside Commons, EQuad, Poe Field (2) – "Lounging on an Adirondack chair under one of the trees"

Relax: Terrace, DeNunzio Pool, Prospect Gardens, Murray-Dodge, Robertson Fountain, McCosh Garden – "Cozy, hidden and so beautiful in the spring and fall"

Use a laptop: EQuad, Cottage, Bedford Field

Play sports: Bedford Field, Lakeside, "Tow path hikes", West Windsor, "Volleyball at Grad College", DeNunzio Pool