Princeton Ecology Representatives (EcoReps)

The Princeton University Ecology Representative Program (EcoReps) was founded in 2004 and is hosted by the Office of Sustainability. The mission of the EcoReps is to promote the integration of sustainability into campus life. Through their efforts, the EcoReps aim to see every Princeton student adopt at least one aspect of sustainable living into their daily lives, and to understand the value of sustainability for themselves, their communities, and the environment.

Other Members

Erin Mooz '19
Residential College Leader - Forbes, Greening Reunions Leader, Greening Events Leader
Kelly Van Baalen '19
Residential College Leader - Butler, Greening Reunions Leader
Nicolas Viglucci '19
Repair Lab Leader
Amber Lin '19
Residential College Leader - Wilson, Greening Events Leader
Taylor Bacon '19
Greening Athletics Leader
Alie Fordyce '19
Greening Athletics Leader
Erin Redding '19
Communications Leader
Dee-Dee Huang '20
Residential College Liaison - Rocky
Beimnet Shitaye '20
Residential College Liaison - Rocky
Daniel Tjondro '20
Residential College Liaison - Whitman, Greening Move Out Committee Member
Sisi Peng '19
Greening Move Out Committee Member
Vivian Ufongene '20
Trisha Madhavan '21
Rebecca Blevins '19
Barrett Gray '20

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