Princeton Conservation Society

The Conservation Society is dedicated to the advancement of environmental conservation work at Princeton and abroad through increased awareness, partnerships, and trips around the country and the world. This includes work on endangered species, habitat restoration, and native communities.

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Other Members

Grace Kortum '21
Phia Kim-Brookes '22
Events Chair
Sam Bents '22
Trips Chair
Noah Mihan '19
Founder, President Emeritus
Rebecca Han '22
Emily Cruz '22
Sasha Culley '21
Sustainability Chair
Navreeta Singh '22
Local Outreach Coordinator
Camellia Moors '22
Internship Chair
Jonathan Salama '21
Media Chair
Nourhan Ibrahim '20
Recruitment Chair
Crystal Wu '20
Documentary Trip Planner
Maya Mishra '22
Social Media Chair
Will Brown '20
Social Chair
Joe Kawalek '21
Study Break Chair

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Ellen Scott-Young '20
Andrew Kaneb '21
Vice President

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