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The Botany Club’s mission is to increase appreciation and knowledge of plants through a variety of projects, including giveaways, seminars, and trips. Its largest events of the year are the biannual houseplant giveaways, where members grow plants from seeds and distribute them to the university community after they have germinated into seedlings. These giveaway events draw hundreds of students, bring a little bit of greenery into the dorms, and serve as a social bonding experience. Beyond the giveaways, the club has also taught children about plants at Princyclopedia and distributed pumpkingrams in the fall.

 The club is constantly generating new project ideas. Current projects include advocating for the addition of a botany class to the university registrar, implementing trips to local botanical gardens, engaging in community service by bringing plants to hospitalized patients, and bringing in guest speakers.

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Kristie Falconer '20
Events Coordinator
Austin Ferrenti '19
Events Coordinator
Matthew Ramirez '19
Events Coordinator

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Autumn Rose '19
Florence Odigie '20

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