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The Princeton BEE Team was founded in Fall 2009 by Michael Smith ’10, with the help of Sarah Bluher ’13, Kelsey Brooks ’11, Dawn LaValle GS, Katie Mumma ’11, and Hannah Safford ’13. Their mission is to teach people about bees and beekeeping through related events, classes, and lectures, as well as through hands-on work in the bee yard.

Currently, the BEE Team looks after two hives in their fenced bee yard located next to West Windsor Field on Washington Road, across from Carnegie Lake. There are over 250 Princeton students, staff, and community members who are on the Team. 

The creation of the BEE Team was made possible with funding from the High Meadows Foundation Sustainability Fund.

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Benjamin Koger '16
Louisa Willis '16
Sam Dercon '16
Olivia Trase '17



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Lily Dattilo '16

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